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PEAK TAICHI Dellavedova - Delly 1

PEAK TAICHI Dellavedova - Delly 1

Peak Prairie Fire Men's Cushioned Basketball Shoes - Green/ White

Peak Prairie Fire Men's Basketball Shoes - Green/ White

Peak Taichi - Men‘s Chubby Sports Slippers

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Peak state is extremely small fat drag, the overall design is more rounded, three-dimensional PEAK LOGO and shoe side lines, strengthen the texture of shoes, front and rear palm upturned design, walking more comfortable.

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The classic color scheme, coupled with the thick full-palm extreme midsole blessing, the foot feel and appearance are both online. From the point of view of appearance design, the slippers are quite simple, contrast design, with a large peak logo, although there is not too much decorative embellishment, but this crisp design seems to be more deeply rooted in people's hearts than deliberate carving.The toe is designed with a fish mouth, the three-dimensional PEAK logo on the outside of the shoe body, the PEAK-TAICHI lightweight pole on the heel, embedded with black lightweight PEAK-TAICHI material, and the bump design is both non-slip and has a massage function. The line that extends from the forefoot to the heel adds a sharp texture to the rounded shape. Turing pattern outsole, excellent overall anti-slip effect.

Style Code: ET31797L
Closing method: set of feet
Toe style: Baotou
Sole material: EVA
Style: outdoor, simple
Applicable season: spring, summer, autumn


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