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Peak Andrew Wiggins AW1 - Warrior

Peak Andrew Wiggins AW1 - Warrior

Peak National Creation Series Dragon Born Nine Sons Basketball  Vest

Peak National Creation Series - Dragon Born Nine Sons Basketball Vest

Peak Andrew Wiggins AW1 - Warrior

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Using the classic blue and yellow color matching of the Warriors uniform, it shows the congratulations of the Warriors' victory and glory. With the Warriors home team's iconic "Golden Gate Bridge" graphics, to celebrate winning the Western Conference playoffs.

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The difference between the Peak AW1 integrated professional basketball shoes and the "replaceable" style is not only not at all behind in the technical configuration, but also provides two technological experiences of high-explosive P-soon "light speed and heel high cushioning" ultra-light polarity at one time, which can not only rely on the characteristics of the state pole to provide adaptive to different heights and weights in conventional combat wear, but also provide surging rebound and feedback for athletes who like "high explosive", combined with the excellent "flick" frame design of weight control. Bring users an unparalleled sense of technology and experience.

The overall design of AW1 shoe body is inspired by AW English as the inspiration, combined with Peak's exclusive brand triangle logo, creatively the eye protection, neckline, tongue cutting and other key areas with triangle cutting vision through, the shoe is full of power while there is no lack of exquisite details, the tongue decoration is delicate and eager details full of INVYGGINS' personal logo, and the front and heel are subtly integrated everywhere.

Peak Andrew Wiggins AW1 - Warrior
Color: Yellow/Blue
Upper: Synthetic Leather + Fabric
Sole: Rubber
Condition: Brand New and 100% Authentic

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