It doesn't matter that Peak is not top brand in China or worldwide, but the PEAK TAICHI tech has grabbed much attention those days.
As a running shoes, Peak Taichi is made by P4U materials with combination of smart materials and EVA form. Compared with normal EVA, the The species is relatively soft when walking, and the intermolecular force is weak, so the material properties are relatively soft, but once the force is exerted, the intermolecular force is enhanced, so that the material exhibits the characteristics of the Q bomb. This material is very soft like a non-Newtonian fluid when it is soft, and hard when it is hard. After the try-on, the summary of my Peak's Taichi is "going like marshmallow, running the gums."

But is the Peak Taichi perfect? No. As a running shoe, Peak's midsole is undoubtedly very powerful, but as a running shoe, its upper has a structural design that is not too scientific, which makes it more like a casual shoe. Instead of running shoes, the advantages waste the meaning of P4U materials. But Peak seems to realize this very quickly, and the Peak Taichi 1.0 plus is coming soon.

In addition to the appearance upgrade, the Peak Taichi has been upgraded on the upper, using the technique of sub-regional weaving, which means different materials and process weaving for different functions of different areas to achieve different effects. For example, the upper vent hole, the upper spiral knitting provides wrapping, the rear TPU provides stability and support, and the side has hot melt adhesive support upper. In addition, the TPU of the midsole has also been upgraded. In short, compared with the first release, this 1.0 plus is more like a professional running shoe than a casual shoe.